Allarburn Farm Shop

What We Produce


Allarburn produces all of its own free range and barn eggs.  A production of 20,000 eggs a day,
with a wholesale side to the business still making up 50% of the egg sales.

DSC_1318Allarburn also produce all their own delicious potatoes in a range of five different varieties.  Those
varieties being Rooster, Maris Piper, Premier, Kerrs Pink and the early Duke of Yorks.

tattie lifting 001

The largest percentage of all other vegetable sales are also home grown and where this is not
possible sourced from other local farmers or suppliers.  Homegrown neeps, carrots, and cabbage
being the largest types of vegetables available at Allarburn.

The high quality meat available at Allarburn, cut as roasts and steaks, and the world famous
Wagyu Beef that is available in the shop is bought from the family farm.  It has been naturally
reared from the native bread herd and is hand selected for the farm shop.


We also have a wide selection of local butchers products available to give our customers lots of

“Our customers awareness of production and quality is rising and it’s great to be able to
give them full traceability on the majority of items we stock.” says Hilary.


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