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Our Allarburn Beef

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The high quality meat available at Allarburn is reared and hand selected from the family farm.

The steaks and roasts available are naturally reared from the native breed herd.

TrophiesDon’t miss your oppertunity to taste the world famous ‘Wagyu Beef.’

Brought and reared by ourselves to ensure the best quality at the very best price!  Traditionally
sold in London establishments for one hundred and eighty pounds per kilo, you will not find prices
like that from us at Allarburn.

Wagyu beef is a delicacy across the world, celebrated for it’s unique marbled appearance and
distinguised flavour and texture.

It should be enjoyed traditionally as a steak or roast to appreciate the rich buttery and completely
tender meat that it is famous for.

The fine ribbons of fat virtually dissolve once cooked, giving Wagyu Beef a silkly melt-in-
the-mouth quality and intense depth of flavour.

Our customer awareness of production and quality is rising, and it’s great to be able to
give our customer full traceability on all our home reared fresh meat.


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